GameDesk Launches Educade: A National Education Portal

EDUCADE is a free website for teachers that features lesson plans integrated with 21st century teaching tools by grade level, subject area, or technology type. You will find hundreds of apps, games, and maker kits that align with core curriculum standards, making it fast and easy to use. EDUCADE is built for you, whether you need solutions that are high-tech, low-tech or no tech. Join the site, create collections and share your ideas. The future of learning is here!

EDUCADE beta recently launched at the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference where over a thousand teachers, Technology Integration Specialists, and District Administrators signed up to become the first wave of “Educaders.” Their two most common responses were, “This is the most unique tool I’ve seen here,” and “I can’t believe this is free.”

To signup for EDUCADE beta or get more information, please visit

EDUCADE is powered by GameDesk and AT&T