Geomoto is an embodied learning experience where players create geographic features by pulling, smashing, and grinding tectonic plates together. Players navigate around a planet devoid of geographic features with the express purpose of populating the planet with features of their own creation.



Pangean is a didactic puzzle game used to introduce the geological concept of continental drift. As a galactic member of the United Colonies, players will travel the universe in their own scouting ship—using their hologram interface to piece together continents and demonstrate the shift that occurs over a hundred million years.



Dojo is an immersive biofeedback game designed to help players recognize changes in their physiological and emotional conditions and learn to regulate different emotions in a variety of scenarios over time. The game is geared towards young people who may be inclined to impulsively respond to stressful situations and who struggle to regulate their emotions.



Thermbot: Temperature Lab is a digital science simulation game in which players assemble Nelson the Robot and experiment with Nelson’s built-in thermometer to learn about how thermal energy, temperature, and measurement are related.



In Waveblaster, players link radiation levels of assorted objects to different wavelengths across the electro-magnetic spectrum in order to power a factory.



In Wind Drifter, players control an albatross to learn about the forces associated with flight (i.e. gravity, lift, drag, thrust). Through guided interaction and gameplay, they learn that by changing the bird’s body position, particularly its wing position, in relation to air molecules, they can manipulate these forces as a means to control the bird’s flight.


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Politicraft is a card game designed to deeply engage kids in the political process, revitalize civics education throughout the country, and secure the next generation’s successful engagement in school, work and our civic life. Players pick an issue important to them and play to attain the most Social Influence points as they explore avenues of civic engagement.