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Breakthrough Techniques in Classroom Engagement

We help transform your students into engaged 21st century learners, excited to come to class everyday, while enriching your teachers as masters of interactive learning. We focus on deeply engaging the learn- er through interaction and placing the student in the driver’s seat.

A Comprehensive Solution

The product encompasses a comprehensive professional development, content, and technology (IT infrastructure and device audit, software, hardware, and integration) solution customized to your school’s needs and vision, designed to establish you as an innovator in education practice.

Quality Needs Assessment

We get to the core of what you’re doing today, where you want to be, and what your barriers might be for getting there.  After assessing your unique needs, culture, and vision, the IgnitedU team will work with you to develop a clear roadmap for achieving your goals.

Our Professional Development helps teachers become agile in using new technologies and techniques to engage students in interactive learning experiences. Teachers are guided through hands-on learning experiences, tech-infused curricula, and game and app-based learning, enriching their teaching with authentic interactive learning experiences.  Training can focus on both hi-tech and low-tech experiences designed to ignite personal passion and encourage creativity and problem solving. All of our content is aligned to Common Core, Next-Gen Science, and in certain cases, State Standards.

Mobile and Digital Teacher Superstars Many schools that have integrated mobile and digital tools into learning are not maximizing the use of those devices in ways that best make use of their potential. We work with teachers to make sure that the mobile and laptop device becomes a readily utilized and powerful tool for learning in the classroom. Our training offerings include flexible face-to-face sessions and/or online workshops and follow-up. One-day and multi-day workshops, combined with online sessions help teachers transform their teaching in a sustainable and affordable way. Some of our sessions include:

  • Digital/Mobile Classroom -How to Use the Best Learning Tools, Apps, and Games on Chromebooks, Laptops, and IOS and Android tablets
  • STEM-Play -Creating Playful STEM Learning Experiences that lend themselves to long term STEM interest
  • Low Tech Engagement – How to engage students in rigorous learning with everyday materials
  • Remediation –  Re-Engagement and Remediation of At-Risk Learners through Making and Play
  • Creative Engineering –  Making, Tinkering, and Design Learning
  • Creating Engagement with Common Core 
  • Social Emotional Learning

Tailored Approaches

  GameDesk PD is organized in modules to allow for maximum flexibility and quick customization. There are 3 types of modular training packages: A. Core Bundles: Popular full programs (STEM Package, Mobile Learning package, etc.) B. Pick & Choose/A la Carte: Build your own training packages from our full catalogue of content. C. Customized Hack-a-thons: We design new interactive modules based on your pain-points. We also work with teachers to learn how to design their own interactive, digital, play, and making-based activities. Hack-a-thons – Building tailored interactive solutions with your school In our customized workshops,  participants present a variety pain-points in their instruction and them team up in groups with GameDesk staff to design creative interactive solutions to challenges presented.  Everyone shares their solutions and discuss approaches for getting there new modules “classroom-ready.”  It’s a lively design centered experience that helps teachers become interactive curriculum designers as well as implementers. Hack-A-Thons offer participants the opportunity to experience firsthand the GameDesk’s curriculum design process.


DreamLab is an in-house and remote training professional development shop devoted to the creation of the playful yet academically rigorous curricula characteristic of GameDesk’s historical work. DreamLab was developed as an answer to the question consistently posed by many teachers, parents, and administrators: “how can I get this into my school?” Collaborating with other teachers, DreamLab develops, trains, and often co-creates innovative and experiential high-tech and low-tech “PlayMaking” activities that are relevant to the development of students’ academic and 21st century skills. The scholars and developers of the DreamLab team consist of leaders in the worlds of academia, gaming and entertainment, and the Maker Movement. DreamLab leads educators in new directions and opens up the walls of textbook teaching to the digital and interactive age.


Types of Current DreamLab Training and Development Activities

GameDesk now offers national DreamLab bootcamps to schools around the US for training in the following techniques:

  1. GameChanger: Designing concrete and packaged standards aligned teaching activities around standalone 3rd party games.
  2. AppBlaster: Conversion of standalone 3rd party apps. into packaged standards aligned activities.
  3. CyberSocrates: Turning declarative teaching methods into Socratic methods of facilitating games and technology in the classroom.
  4. Digital Infusion: Transforming traditional teaching practice into digitally infused meaningful learning experiences.
  5. You can do it, we promise!: Transforming teacher attitudes and habits of mind toward the potential of technology and games in the classroom.
  6. Lowtech NOtech: How to turn your class into a PlayMaker experience with limited bandwidth and low tech infrastructure.
  7. Faster than you think: How to rapid-fire generate new high tech/low tech/no tech PlayMaker curriculum today for implementation tomorrow.
  8. Fun and Engaging, But what are they learning? Formative assessment approaches around play and making activities. Research driven pathways to assess knowledge, skills, and higher order learning.

DreamLab on the Road

GameDesk took DreamLab on the road to New York. Check out some testimonials from people who participated in this video.


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