The Thermbot modules include both games and curriculum activities designed to give learners a deep conceptual understanding of the physics of thermal energy at the molecular level, including conduction, convection, and radiation. The modules are designed to reinforce rigorous content standards around thermal energy and heat transfer. Educators consistently cite these topics as being among the most difficult for students to grasp. By linking these concepts to rich and varied visualizations and interactions, the GameDesk design methodology brings students’ common misconceptions to the surface and supports students in developing accurate and transferable knowledge.


Thermbot Modules

  • Measurement module – challenges students to design their own robot’s thermometer and molecular simulator and build fun and engaging games around heat transfer.
  • Radiation module – challenges students to link radiation levels to different wavelengths across the electro-magnetic spectrum.


Below are screenshots of two current games: Build-a-Bot and Wave Blaster.


Robot near finish levelCROPPED

 4 High Quality Game Modules for the PC, iPhone and iPad

The GameDesk Team is in the process of building modules focusing on:

  1. Measurement, Temperature, Scale, and Conversion
  2. Conduction
  3. Convection
  4. Radiation

The four modules can be played as standalone gameplay learning experiences to teach and reinforce concepts (6th grade), or be designed and programmed with additional and more advanced thermal energy science standards (9th grade) embedded into the process.

Supporting Curriculum

  1. Game Design and Programming Support Materials
  2. Integrated Thermal Energy in class exercises and science game instruction

The design and programming modules will contain student/teacher support materials (paper and digital assets provided). The games will center around the construction and control of a robot that must master all the critical concepts and procedures that relate to various heat transfer phenomenon.